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Chiang Mai
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Newcoming Property in Chiang Mai
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One Plus CMU. 1-2-3
1 bed(s) 1 bath(s) 35 sq.m.
Condo for sale or rent at One Plus CMU, fully furnished. It is near Chiangmai university, schools, hospitals, restaurants, mini mart and only 5 minutes to the airport. ...
Sale 2,150,000  baht 
Rent 10,000 baht/mo. 
C-610529-0001 more...
Himma Garden Condominium
1 bed(s) 2 bath(s) 49.5 sq.m.
Condo for rent in the hearth of THE NEW CBD Himma Condominium on Main Road (Chotana Road) Next to Bank of Thailand, Chiangmai. The room is 2.8 m. ceiling height, facing North and garden & clubhous ...
Rent 18,000 baht/mo. 
C-160919-001 more...
One Plus Suandok 4-5-6
1 bed(s) 1 bath(s) 35 sq.m.
Condo for rent at One Plus Suan Dok 4 on Suthep Road, opposite Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital (Suan Dok). It is on 7th floor with fully furnished and electrical appliances. Full facilities within ...
Rent 11,000 baht/mo. 
C-610607-0003 more...
4 bed(s) 3 bath(s) 62 sq.w.
House for sale in the prime area of Chiang Mai. The house is only 10 meters away from the main road. It is suitable for own living and hotel or apartment business. It is located in very good location, ...
Sale 13,000,000  baht 
H-610613-0015 more...
2 bed(s) 2 bath(s) 59 sq.w.
House for sale in the heart of Chiang Mai. It is situated in very good location, near Tha Phae Gate, Walking Street, Warorot market and many restaurants. The house is only 10 meters from the main road ...
Sale 8,500,000  baht 
Rent 30,000 baht/mo. 
H-610611-0001 more...
8 bed(s) 3 bath(s) 147 sq.w.
House for rent in the heart of Chiang Mai, on Manee Noppharat Road (outside the moat). It is only 50 meters away from the main road. It is 2-storey house and situated in very good and rare location. S ...
Rent 70,000 baht/mo. 
HoOs-610528-0005 more...
1 Rai 253 Sqw.
Land with single-storey house for sale on Rachamankha road, inner moat, the heart of Chiangmai city, where is the center of Thai and foreign tourists. It is also near the main attractions of the city ...
Sale 230,000,000  baht 
HL-601203-0001 more...
24 bed(s)
Apartment for Sale or Rent in the old city Chiang Mai. It has 3 storey with 15 rooms. It has also a 2-storey teak wood house with 9 rooms for rent and a house for rent (3 Beds 2 Baths) in the same are ...
Sale 90,000,000  baht 
Rent 180,000 baht/mo. 
Ap-610427-0005 more...
Sale with Tenant 
Stylish Chiang Mai Condominium
1 bed(s) 1 bath(s) 49.38 sq.m.
Luxury Condo in the heart of Chiang Mai Stylish Chiang Mai Condominium. It is on 4th floor with pool view, furnished with appliances. ...
Sale 4,900,000  baht 
Rent 18,000 baht/mo. 
C-161028-004 more...
4 bed(s) 3 bath(s)
Townhouse for sale in Hang Dong, near local market and Kad Farang. It has two storey with partly furnished. Convenient location for transportation where is suitable for living. ...
Sale 2,500,000  baht 
Th-610607-0006 more...
18 bed(s) 18 bath(s)
Apartment for sale, a 3 storey building has 18 rooms with full furniture. It is located near Ring 2 road, very convenient to Makro, Big C, Bangkok Hospital, Payap University and only 15 mins to the ci ...
Sale 15,000,000  baht 
Ap-610606-0006 more...
      Total : 11 Result
Project :One Plus CMU. 1-2-3, Himma Garden Condominium, One Plus Suandok 4-5-6, Stylish Chiang Mai Condominium,
Keyword :Newcoming Property in Chiang Mai
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