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+66 (0) 88 268 2000 (Chiang Mai Office)
+66 (0) 2 285 4645 (Bangkok Office)
Khun Chollad responses us quickly and can present products that meet our requirements. She is a good adviser. (Translated by Acute Realty)
Khun Orasa, She is patient and always answers to all my questions. Good customer service and always smiling. She is very detail in her work. She is never late for appointment, always reach early she is very understanding about the customer requirement.

I really appreciate the services of Papispan. She was very helpful and tried to accommodate my every request. She facilitated the procedures of transfer of ownership that made me spent only about one hour at the Government Land Office. She has done a good job. I would definitely recommend her servic

Excellent staff Khun Chanyapak (Lukchin) has successfully closed the sale of my house and my wife has signed on the SP contract. Miss Lukchin has been working very hard on my case for many years and has found many clients and gave me very good service, especially in the past two months when I have the legal problem with the House. She has put in so much work and served the customer and I very well. I want to make her feel happy and successful.
Khun Phatcharos is very good, polite. She is very enthusiastic, good mood and friendly. She is humble. Very nice girl! Acute Realty is famous company on internet.
Miss Chaweewan has done well that she is helpful, co-operative with her professional attitude and her skills. Many thanks Miss Chaweewa.
Khun Thanit provided good service in planning and making appointment with customers. He can close sell quickly and good at coordinating between the unit owner and their clients. (Translated by Acute Realty)
It is with a great pleasure that we give this letter or appreciation for the service that we received from Khun Rukchana as a representative of Acute Realty. As we moved from Thailand, our condominium became vacant in Grand Langsuan. It happened that Khun Rukchana contacted us as she had a buyer available. She coordinated all the details, starting with the agreement on the price and continuing with the documentation, commitments, clearance of pending payments, matters with the juristic person and bank. All the way Khun Rukchana maintained her very friendly, professional approach, making the deal happen. Further to the coordination related to the transaction – with our bank, the seller and authorities – K. Rukchana helped us in dealings with the Grand Langsuan juristic person, transfer of electricity supply. She also helped us in disposing our furniture and goods that we did not want to move. With her support the whole process, from first contact to closing the transaction, was smooth and easy, with a person we knew we can trust. We can sincerely state that in the process K. Rukchana has played a key role. I would warmly recommend Khun Rukchana for anyone needs services of a real estate agent.
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